Twenty20 Crystalite – Rapid Headlight Restoration
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Twenty20 Crystalite – Rapid Headlight Restoration

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Winter Weather Note: Make sure you apply this product in conditions of 10°C or above, to allow step 2 to dry & harden.

Over time sunlight will remove the UV protection on your headlights and this can lead them to be dull, yellowed and oxidised. Crystalite not only brings them back to life looking like new, but will replace that all important UV protection. Twenty20 Crystalite is a truly revolutionary product.

With no creams, polish, tape or drills, it’s incredibly easy to apply and anyone can do it, in minutes.

The kit comes with everything you’ll need for crystal clear clarity to get the very best from your bulbs as a bulb can only perform to it’s full potential when it’s behind a clear lens.

Significantly increases appearance & value of cars with poor headlight clusters.

Please note: Twenty20 Crystalite is fantastic at restoring oxidised headlights, but it will not remove scratches. If your headlight is hazy due to scratches, Crystalite will not be the right product. In this instance we would recommend the Meguair’s Headlight Restoration Kit

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