Rocket Butter Quench Drying Towel
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Rocket Butter Quench Drying Towel

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We dry harder!
Take some ‘Pride In Your Ride’ with our huge range of car cleaning & detailing products!

For drying your car, this drying towel makes it easier than anything you’ve ever tried before. Once you’ve used this, you’ll never want to use a terry cloth or chamois leather again!

This high-tech towel uses Crystal-Weave Technology on the outer layer with a thirsty-thick microfibre layer sandwiched inside. This makes it extremely soft and more absorbent than any other towel on the market, removing dirt and salt deposits without smearing.

Even though it’s incredibly gentle to paintwork and glass, the towel itself is incredibly hard wearing (500gsm thick) and washable, so it’s reusable many times over!

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