Rocket Butter Original Car Shampoo 500ml
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Rocket Butter Original Car Shampoo 500ml

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Our Classic Gleam Formula

Every wash will normally start with the shampoo. Our Original Shampoo is a great base for any cleaning work. It simply removes contaminants, grime & grease whilst also being kind to paint.

How Does It Work?

Original Shampoos’ unique foamy formula is designed to easily lift grease and contaminants away from the paint whilst also leaving the paint as a clean base. It’s perfect for the ultimate clean where you need to start from a fresh, or just a very dirty car!. It’s also strongly scented to make you feel clean along with the car

How To Apply

Simply add 3-4 cap fulls to a warm bucket of water and swish around to get the bubbles going. For scratch free washing we recommend using a Lambswool wash mitt along with a Scratch Shield

Proudly Made In The UK!  Union Jack

All Rocket Butter products have been made right here in the UK. We’re very proud of that! Developed exclusively for detailing addicts Rocket Butter wants to make cleaning your car something you look forward to! We’ve got quite the spread, including shampoos, waxes, polishes, window & glass care, wheel cleaning, tyre dressing, upholstery & leather cleansers & air fresheners. So whether you just want your car nice’n’clean or a showstopper, we’ve got something for everyone! Go on, Spread The Word!

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