Rocket Butter Iron-Offe Iron And Fallout Remover 250ml

Rocket Butter Iron-Offe Iron And Fallout Remover 250ml


Code: RB030

No Iron-Y Here Just Simple Removal.

This is the step 99% of people always miss out! Iron-Offe exposes and destroys Iron and brake dust inside your paintwork in under 3 minutes.

It’s important to remove these small particles as they can over time embed themselves into the paintwork and start rusting. If left untreated, this rust can spread into the bodywork which is then a much bigger and costly job to rectify!

How Does It Work?

Iron-Offe is an advanced formula designed to specifically target and destroy iron particles, fallout and brake dust on your paint and wheels. This will dramatically slow down corrosion and rust spots. Keep an eye out for the tell-tale purple colour to see it working.

How To Apply

Iron-Offe can be sprayed directly from the bottle provided onto your vehicle.

  • Change the cap to the trigger provided and then spray Iron-Offe on the area to be treated.
  • Wait 3 minutes for the solution to turn purple.
  • Wash down with a spray bottle or a hose and then your Iron is Offe!

Proudly Made In The UK!  Union Jack

All Rocket Butter products have been made right here in the UK. We’re very proud of that! Developed for weekend washers and detailing addicts alike, Rocket Butter wants to make cleaning your car something you look forward to! We’ve got quite the spread, including shampoos, waxes, polishes, window & glass care, wheel cleaning, tyre dressing, upholstery & leather cleansers & air fresheners. So whether you just want your car nice’n’clean or a showstopper, we’ve got something for everyone! Go on, Spread The Word!


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