Rocket Butter Butter-Cut Colour Compound 250ml
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Rocket Butter Butter-Cut Colour Compound 250ml

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Cut To The Chase

It’s amazing what a little polish and elbow grease can achieve! Over time your car’s paint can become; faded, swirled & scratched. All this happens through multiple washes & sunlight. Butter-Cut will put some splendour back in that Fender!

How Does It Work?

Butter-Cuts unique formula is designed to be tough on imperfections but light on the paint. Best for use on light scratches and swirls, Butter-Cut will level the paint to the height of the imperfections. This will easily and effectively remove scratches swirls and other marks!.

How To Apply

Butter-Cut can be applied by hand or a machine polisher.

By hand, apply to a small area of the paint with an applicator pad and work in the product with fast & light “circle” motions. Keep going until the product is just a light glaze, then wipe the remnants off with a clean Microfibre cloth.

With a machine polisher, it is also best to work on a small area at a time. Apply a pea-sized amount to the polishing pad and work the polish around the area with the polisher switched off. Switch the polisher on and buff until a light glaze is left. After that, remove the glaze with a Microfibre cloth. Simples!

Proudly Made In The UK!  Union Jack

All Rocket Butter products have been made right here in the UK. We’re very proud of that! Developed exclusively for detailing addicts Rocket Butter wants to make cleaning your car something you look forward to! We’ve got quite the spread, including shampoos, waxes, polishes, window & glass care, wheel cleaning, tyre dressing, upholstery & leather cleansers & air fresheners. So whether you just want your car nice’n’clean or a showstopper, we’ve got something for everyone! Go on, Spread The Word!

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