H11 Philips White Vision 12V 55W Halogen Bulb

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H11 Philips White Vision. Modern white light effect with a 3700K xenon colour.

The bulbs are designed to achieve a greater light output, fitted with a xenon/halogen gas mix which is extremely efficient and delivers greater light output but means no extra heat is generated whilst driving making these bulbs extremely safe to use with modern and old lenses.

The H11 has a new blue coating applied to each bulb, this creates a subtle but distinctive effect to your headlight bulb but still delivers a clear, crisp ice white light. These classy and sophisticated bulbs will help your vehicle stand out from the crowd.

The bulbs are standard wattage and are fully road legal.

Bulb Fitment H11
Technology Halogen
Purpose Vision & Style
Voltage 12V
Application Headlight
Approx Light Output Increase +20%
Wattage 55W
Guarantee 1 Year
Approx Bulb Life (hours) 300-400
Approx Colour Temperature (Kelvin) 3700K
E Marked/Road Legal Yes
Other Details Xenon upgrade bulb which, being made of Quartz glass, they are very durable and will not even shatter due to water when hot
Colour Output


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