H11 OSRAM Night Breaker Laser 150% Next Generation 12V 55W (Pair)

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The Next Generation of H11 Osram Upgrades

The H11 Night Breaker Lasers have entered the next generation and they really pack a punch! A unique design to give maximum performance with up to 150% more light on the road and a further 150 metres distance available therefore greatly improving safety.

150 Metres of Night Breaking Light

With further advances in filament technology, and the ever present Xenon gas, these H11 Night Breaker Laser bulbs will produce up to 150 metres of light, improving visibility and allowing hazards along the road ahead to be seen sooner giving you more time to react.

It’s All White on the Night

With a carefully designed blue coating on the bulb, the colour of light emitted is 20% whiter than a standard halogen. This whiter light reduces eye strain and makes road signs stand out brighter than before.

Staying Safe and Legal

OSRAM have raised the bar with the most powerful Night Breaker Laser bulb to date. However despite the advances, these are still fully road legal, E marked and ECE approved. This means you can enjoy all the benefits these Next Generation bulbs have to offer without the need to break any rules!

Please note: are an Approved Partner with Osram. We guarantee that we will only supply genuine Osram product at all times.

Bulb Fitment H11
Technology Halogen
Purpose Maximum Vision
Voltage 12V
Application Headlight
Approx Light Output Increase +150%
Wattage 55W
Guarantee 6 Months
Approx Bulb Life (hours)
Approx Colour Temperature (Kelvin) 3700K
E Marked/Road Legal Yes
Other Details
Colour Output 10% Whiter (3200-3500K)


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