H11/H8/H16 Philips X-Treme Ultinon LED Headlight / Foglight Bulbs (Pair)

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A True H11/H8/H16 LED Bulb for Fog lights and Headlights

Philips has once again pushed the boundaries of head light bulbs. The market has always been pushing for a plug and play LED bulb. Before the Philips Ultinon, LED bulbs where essentially a massive LED chip stuck on a halogen base. These bulbs had a “glarey”, barely recognisable beam pattern & left you wanting for more. The Philips Ultinon however, is a revelation. Producing a correct beam pattern and a modern white light.

How Did They Do It?

Simple, Philips designed and made its’ own LED chips just for this application. The standard halogen filament gets a lot of rap. But if you’ve ever thought about its’ size, the amount of light it produces from such a small point is impressive. This is the problem for most LED headlight bulbs, the point of light from the LED is far too large. By making their own Luxeon ZES chips small enough & bright enough, they can accurately replicate and surpass the halogen filaments.

LED Benefits In Your Headlights

The benefits of LED are many. With Philips finally perfecting the formula, your headlights become; Up to 200% brighter, whiter, long lasting & and instant reacting. Making your car look like it’s stepped straight off the showroom floor.

Long Lasting

Not only will these bulbs make your car a modern looking marvel they will likely outlast it. With their AirFlux & AirCool heat management systems, Philips claims these bulb can last up to 12 years! It’s finally time to leave behind the high performing, but, short lasting halogens of old.

Philips OEM Standard

Most cars come factory fitted with Philips bulbs installed. With this in mind, why choose anything else? Getting the highest quality for bulbs is exceptionally important and Philips knows this. Its high precision aluminium casting, Luxeon ZES Chips, and an Airflux ABS plastic heat sink makes a bulb that is pleasing to the eye, both in its’ form and function.

Bulb Fitment H11
Technology LED
Purpose Vision & Style
Voltage 12V
Application Foglight
Approx Light Output Increase +200%
Wattage ~20W
Approx Bulb Life (hours) Up to 12 Years
Approx Colour Temperature (Kelvin) 6000K
Lumens 840
E Marked/Road Legal No
Other Details
Colour Output 100% Whiter (5000K)


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