Bosch Retro-Fit AeroTwin Wiper Blade 22″
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Bosch Retro-Fit AeroTwin Wiper Blade 22″

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Superb Performance

It’s remarkable what a difference a quality set of wiper blades can make to a car. Bosch are well known for producing the very best wipers on the market, and these are no exception! AeroTwin Wiper Blades provide the very best wiping action, in all conditions; No Streaks, No Squeaks, No Judder!

Easy To Fit

With a few simple pre-assembled vehicle-specific adaptors that simply press-on, these blades can be fitted to your vehicle in under a minute.

Engineered Design

An aerodynamically optimised profile with integrated spoiler and sprung one-piece design, distributes the contact pressure evenly over the entire length of the wiper blade. The vast majority of new cars come factory fresh with Bosch Blades equipped, so don’t settle for anything less!

Long Lasting

The quality of materials and construction on Bosch Wipers, really is second to none. Bosch wipers last much longer than inferior counterparts, making them astonishing value.

Even Clearer Vision, with Rain Rebel

To get the very best from your new wiper blades, we highly recommend Hydro Seal, part of the Rain Rebel Range from Rocket Butter. The rain-repelling treatment beads off water, to give incredible clarity to windscreens, windows & mirrors. It can increase wiper performance significantly and can be applied in minutes (lasting 3-6 months!)

Blade Type Retro-Fit AeroTwin/Flat Beam
Brand Bosch
Wiper Blade Size 22


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